Killer Panda

Killer Panda: WWF Eats $$$$s & Shoots Seals!

The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture has written to WWF with the simple message: Please withdraw your support for the slaughter of marine mammals (including pregnant seals and protected sea lions) by salmon farms.

Read the letter (9 July) to WWF online here

GAAIA’s ‘Salmon Farming Kills’ campaign is calling for a global boycott of all ‘seal unfriendly’ and ‘sea lion unfriendly’ farmed salmon – and that shamefully includes WWF-endorsed farmed salmon

The ‘Final Standards for Responsible Salmon Aquaculture’ published by WWF in June 2012 specifically (and shockingly) promote the killing of marine mammals.  By supporting the certification of farmed salmon via the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and lethal farmed salmon standards via the ‘Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue’, the ‘Killer Panda’ is effectively pulling the trigger and has blood on its paws. 

"Not only is the killing of marine mammals by salmon farmers in Scotland, Chile, Canada, Ireland, Norway and other countries abhorrent in nature but it is also illegal under the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA)," wrote GAAIA's Don Staniford in the letter (9 July) addressed to WWF International's Director General James Leape.  "In fact, a legal opinion obtained by your brother Gerry Leape stated that the U.S. MMPA “provides a strong and directly applicable legal tool”.   Why is WWF ignoring the laws of nature as well as legal and public opinion by lending support to serial seal killers?"  

"The promotion of seal and sea lion killing makes a mockery of WWF’s principles of nature conservation," continued Staniford.  "What the f*** is WWF thinking giving the panda stamp of approval to salmon farms which are permitted to kill marine mammals?" 

"The wholesale corruption of WWF’s founding principles is a kick in the teeth to WWF members who are under the mistaken impression that the iconic panda is a champion of wildlife protection," concluded Staniford.

"I am sure that many of WWF’s 5 million members will be shocked to discover that their donations are supporting the slaughter of pregnant and protected marine mammals in the name of ‘responsible’ and ‘environmental’ salmon farming.  WWF’s ‘Killer Panda’ is effectively loading the bullets to shoot seals and sea lions.  Please stop the certification of lethal salmon farms as “responsible” by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.  WWF’s support for the killing of marine mammals is irresponsible and can only bring the WWF global brand into further disrepute."

Read the letter in full online here

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