Raining on Cermaq’s ‘Sustainability’ Charade

Like the Emperor’s New Clothes, Cermaq is attempting to re-brand itself as a company cloaked in ‘sustainability.’

The Abominable Salmon Council - Buyer Beware!

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Norwegian Disease Strikes at the Heart of British Columbia

The Norwegian-owned salmon farming industry is embroiled in yet another disease disaster with supermarkets in Canada now caught in the cross-fire of contamination. 

Who's Calling Who a Convicted Criminal?

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MH guilty 3

Loch Duart's 'Sustainable Salmon' Scam Exposed


Cermaq Abort Court Hearing!

So Long & Thanks for all the Fish: Goodbye Canada, Hello Norway!

Gagging the Truth Becomes Mainstream

Norway’s Injunction Kills Free Speech!

Closing Norway's Noose on Freedom of Speech