So Long & Thanks for all the Fish: Goodbye Canada, Hello Norway!

It was with mixed emotions that Don Staniford left Canada last week (29 February) to join the Green Warriors of Norway.  As the dolphins said in ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’, "so long and thanks for all the fish!"

Another exciting chapter, however, opened this week with GAAIA’s journey continuing to the capital of the salmon farming world; namely Norway

“Leaving British Columbia is a heart-wrench,” said Don Staniford.  “But deportation from Canada opens up an exciting new opportunity with the Green Warriors of Norway.  Like Beowulf, I’m going into the belly of the beast and will slay the dragon in its own lair.”

“In March 2013 we will be hosting an international conference in Vancouver highlighting the ecological destruction by Norwegian corporations all over the world,” continued Staniford.  “Green Warriors of the World are uniting against Norwegian-owned salmon farming and their BINGO (Big Industrial NGOs) apologists such as WWF so shamefully endorsing their polluting practices.”

“There is a global backlash against Norwegian corporations farming salmon in Canada, Chile, Scotland, Ireland, Norway and all over the world where Norwegian farmed salmon is sold,” said Kurt Oddekalv. “There is growing dissent in Canada against the Norwegian salmon farming industry and we must all stand together to fight this disease ridden industry. Wild salmon warriors of the world must unite and the Green Warriors of Norway will be leading the way.”

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Last week (28 February) saw a rousing send-off with Holly Arntzen & Kevin Wright leading a chorus of ‘Free Dawn (Don)’ at the ‘Don Staniford Deportation Party’ in Vancouver.  

Lyrics to the song included:

Nothing can intimidate when the truth is on the stand
But in walks the Government and deports the man
So now he’ll fight this globally and justice won’t be denied
Step away from the fish, it’s time to say bye bye

Listen online here!

The evening was hosted by Jay Peachy of 'Occupy Wild Salmon'.

The Wild Salmon Warriors turned out in force united against Norwegian-owned salmon farming and the lies and infectious diseases spread by both the Government and industry.  

“A big thanks to all the Wild Salmon Warriors,” said Don Staniford.  “There’s so many salmon heroes here in British Columbia willing to stand up for wild salmon.” 

“It’s time for people to make a choice between healthy wild salmon populations and disease-ridden farmed salmon," continued Staniford.  "Salmon farming kills wild baby salmon!”

Watch 'Goodbye Don Staniford' video online here - featuring salmon heroes Holly Artnzen, Eddie Gardner and others!

In a tongue-in cheek protest at Vancouver airport on Wednesday (29 February), Don Staniford wore a Guantanamo Bay-style orange jumpsuit complete with chains to his appointment with the Canadian Border Services Authority.   

The Times Colonist (1 March) reported:
“Canadian Border Service Agency agents appeared in January on the first day of Staniford's defamation trial, which was brought by Mainstream Canada, the province's second-largest salmon farming company.  "The Canadian government chose to intimidate me on day one of my court case by turning up at the courtroom in a very public and calculated display of police force, yet, when deporting me, they were embarrassed by the orange jumpsuit and chose to whisk me out of public sight," he said in emails from the airport.”

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Global TV (5 March) reported: “Staniford began his journey back to Europe in the same over-the-top theatrical style that inflamed his targets: He arrived at Vancouver International Airport clad in an orange Guantanamo Bay-like jump suit and fake, rubber chains.  After half a dozen supporters bid farewell, he said he entered a room full of immigration officials and boarded an aircraft for England.”

The Huffington Post (5 March) published the following:

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In Norway, the newspaper Adresseavisen (5 March) reported:

Kurt Oddekalv, leader of the Green Warriors of Norway, said: “I think this will spearhead our fight against the aquaculture industry to new dimensions.  I have worked a little longer with this than Don, but he has large networks abroad that we now have connections to.  I think this is a very important step in the fight to preserve wild salmon.”

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The trade newspaper Intrafish reported (5 March):

Fish News EU (5 March) also reported under the headline ‘Staniford Turns Attention to Norway’ that: “Maverick anti-salmon farm campaigner Don Staniford has apparently moved to Norway ‘to slay the dragon in its own lair’.”  

Arriving in Bergen over the weekend, Don Staniford joined the Green Warriors of Norway and will be living on a 100ft catamaran called the ‘Eco-Queen.’

Oddekalv, who has led the Green Warriors of Norway since 1993, told The Canadian Press (5 March) that he and Staniford should complement each other because of their experience.

“I think joining us together will really make an international force,” he added, noting his organization has 22 employees and has a budget of millions of dollars. “I think that will mean a lot.”

Kurt Oddekalv is a Norwegian version of Paul Watson and the Eco-Queen is very much in the mould of Greenpeace's 'Rainbow Warrior'.  The Norwegian media dubbed Kurt Oddekalv 'James Bond' when the Eco-Queen (complete with helipad and gadgets straight out of the 007 films) was launched in 2006. 

Watch out later this year for the Green Warrior's follow up to 'Whale Wars' - in the shape of 'Salmon Wars'. 

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There is no doubt that the Norwegian salmon farming industry will come to regret the coming together of Oddekalv and Staniford (described by The Common Sense Canadian as "the salmon activist equivalent of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro joining forces").

In fact, the Fat Ladies are already singing and a chorus can be heard echoing around the fjords of Norway, the lochs of Scotland, the lakes of Chile, the loughs of Ireland and the sounds of British Columbia.