Sicko Salmon - ABC News on "Horrible" Norwegian Farmed Salmon

The horror show that is Norwegian salmon farming scared the living daylights out of consumers in the United States on prime time TV last night (3 October).

Michelle Lewis bought Kirkland Signature Norwegian Imported Smoked Salmon from Costco, and she says it made her sick reported ABC News as US consumers tucked into their TV dinners. 

"It was horrible. I didn't know what was wrong with me," said Lewis.  After several doctors checked her out, she had an ultrasound, an X-ray and a CT scan, Lewis was diagnosed with a rare colon problem caused by bacteria. She was treated with anti-nausea medicine, pain pills and antibiotics.  "I feel much better. Last week I felt like death warmed over," said Lewis.

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On Monday (1 October), the Norwegian trade press publication Intrafish revealed that 90% of the salmonella-contaminated salmon was farmed:

"Of the affected salmon, 90 percent was farmed," admitted a spokesperson for Foppen (the Dutch processor at the centre of the salmonella outbreak).

The Norwegian financial press (Hegnar Online) also cited "Norwegian salmon" in an article published yesterday (3 October) in Norway. 

However, the mainstream media have shamefully not reported on the provenance of the salmonella-contaminated salmon.  Foppen, the Dutch processor embroiled in the salmon scandal, has refused to answer questions on the issue.

"Until Foppen comes clean and reveals the source of the contaminated salmon, consumers should surely avoid farmed salmon like the plague," said Don Staniford of GAAIA.  "Norwegian farmed salmon leaves a nasty taste in the mouth and quite literally makes people sick.  Consumers around the world should follow Russia and China in boycotting farmed Norwegian salmon.  Norwegian salmon farming is enough to make you scream!"

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In May, Norwegian farmed salmon was dealt another hammer blow when Russian health authorities classifying it as “dangerous produce” and a “health risk”.  Norway’s #1 customer banned imports of fresh Norwegian farmed salmon after “laboratory tests found salmonella and other coliform bacteria”, “poor safety controls” and “repeated instances of microbe pollution.” 

This is Russia's third ban on Norwegian farmed salmon since 2005.  In October 2011, Russia banned Norwegian farmed salmon – this time due to listeria contamination.  

In 2006, the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet ran an article “Norwegian Farmed Salmon is a Health Hazard” following further revelations of poor food safety. Dr. Claudette Bethune, who worked at the Norwegian National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES), wrote in 2006: As the low-cost and high-volume production of Norwegian farmed salmon may have producers excited, the lack of testing before feed and food enter the food chain, and the lack of scientific knowledge and integrity should have it’s world-wide consumers concerned.”

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