Prince Charles pops in for afternoon tea and wild salmon sandwiches

The Seafood Summit had a very special guest this afternoon when His Royal Highness Prince Charles popped in for an afternoon chat.

Prince Charles is much better known as a talker to his plants in the royal greenhouse but he also knows oceans.  And he well knows the difference between wild salmon and farmed salmon. 

January 2011, The Scotsman newspaper reported in an article - 'Prince's salmon trust highlights threat' - that: "A conservation body headed by the Prince of Wales has launched an astonishing attack on the Scottish Government over the threat of extinction to wild salmon.  The Atlantic Salmon Trust has blasted "laissez-faire policies" towards fish farming....The Perth-based trust, whose patron is Prince Charles, said it would be pressing the government to force the industry to address its "most urgent concerns," the impacts of sea lice from farm cages and potential genetic damage to wild salmon from thousands of escaped farmed fish. It also attacked the government for allowing mixed stocks netting, which it wants banned". 

So long and thanks for all the fish Charlie Boy!  Come and visit BC soon - maybe you should escort Prince William and Princess Kate on their honeymoon to the Broughton Archipelago where they can go sea lice sampling in the Salmon Coast Field Station with Alexandra Morton?