Green Warriors of the World Unite!

Oddekalv & Staniford join forces to fight Norwegian-owned salmon farming

Bergen, Norway & Vancouver, Canada - The Green Warriors of Norway (Norges Miljøvernforbund) and Don Staniford of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA) are joining forces to fight Norwegian-owned salmon farming all over the world.  Don Staniford will be coming to Norway in April to take up position as Global Coordinator of the salmon farming campaign. 
“I am pleased to announce that Don Staniford is coming to Norway to spearhead the global work of the Green Warriors,” said Kurt Oddekalv, leader of Norges Miljøvernforbund.  “Once he has finished fighting the Norwegian Government owned company Cermaq in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Don is welcome here in Norway.  Cermaq's problems in Canada are coming home to roost.” 


“Working for the Green Warriors of Norway will be a dream come true,” said Don Staniford of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture who is currently in court in the ‘Salmon Farming Kills’ lawsuit Vs. Cermaq.  “Kurt Oddekalv is a hero of mine since I started campaigning 15 years ago.  It will be an honour to stand shoulder to shoulder and work with Kurt on fighting the fish farm menace in Norway and around the globe.  Kurt and the Green Warriors of Norway have been leading the fight against salmon farms for over 20 years and it will be a privilege to work closely with such a powerful wild salmon warrior.” 

“There is a global backlash against Norwegian corporations farming salmon in Canada, Chile, Scotland, Ireland, Norway and all over the world where Norwegian farmed salmon is sold,” said Oddekalv.  “There is growing dissent in Canada against the Norwegian salmon farming industry and we must all stand together to fight this disease ridden industry.  Wild salmon warriors of the world must unite and the Green Warriors of Norway will be leading the way.”   

“When I was working for Friends of the Earth Scotland in the 1990s I first heard about Kurt Oddekalv and his victory in stopping the use of the toxic chemical Teflubenzuron on Norwegian salmon farms,” said Staniford.   “I met Kurt in Chile in 2007 and in 2008 we travelled together around British Columbia publishing the ‘International Declaration Against Unsustainable Salmon Farming.’  Campaigning with the Green Warriors of Norway is the next logical step towards winning the worldwide war against Norwegian-owned salmon farming.”

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