Going Viral - 'Salmon Farming Kills' Spreading Like ISA

Day 12 of the 'Salmon Farming Kills' lawsuit in Canada kicks off today (31 January) with lawyers arguing over the admissibility of expert evidence from Dr. John Volpe of the University of Victoria and defendant Don Staniford expected to take the stand this afternoon (or tomorrow).  Events start at 10am in courtroom #52 (Hornby/Nelson St. entrance) with Justice Elaine Adair presiding - the trial is scheduled for 20 days (until 10 February) - read more details online here

Speaking exactly one year ago today when launching the 'Salmon Farming Kills' campaign (31 Jan 2011), Don Staniford said: “Salmon farming kills around the world and should carry a global health warning. As good global citizens we need to face the fact that salmon farming seriously damages human health, the health of our global ocean and the health of wild fish. Salmon farming is spreading in Norway, Chile, Scotland, Canada, Ireland, the Faroes, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and now in Russia like a malignant cancer on our coasts. Quit salmon farming now and help stub out farmed salmon from the face of our precious planet.”

Global coverage of the 'Salmon Farming Kills' lawsuit is spreading like wildfire all over the world.  The more the Norwegian giant Cermaq (owned by Norway's Ministry of Trade and Industry) attempts to browbeat and bully defendant Don Staniford into silence the more the global backlash against salmon farming.  And the more money flows into the coffers to pay Staniford's lawyer David Sutherland (please support the cause online here). 

"When it comes to shooting themselves in the feet, few industries are as adept as industrial aquaculture," writes Barry Estabrook in Take Part (30 January). 

"The most recent example is unfolding in a Vancouver, B. C., courtroom, where a subsidiary of Cermaq, a $1.7-billion fish farming conglomerate, whose major shareholder is the Norwegian government, is suing the scrappy environmental activist Don Staniford for defamation and making false statements. Mainstream Canada, a subsidiary of Cermaq, which filed the suit, is asking for $125,000 and seeking a permanent injunction that would forbid Staniford from speaking out against salmon farming."


Estabrook continues: "Calling the court action a SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) meant to intimidate critics of salmon farming, Staniford said in an interview, “This is a case of the Norwegian government using the Canadian legal system to muzzle global criticism of salmon farming.” Staniford is a veteran of court battles. In 2009 he successfully appealed a lower court’s decision that he defamed Creative Salmon, another B. C. aquaculture company."

"Regardless of the eventual outcome, the suit has brought far more attention to environmental issues raised by open-water salmon aquaculture than Staniford’s pranksterish Salmon Farming Kills antics ever would have," concludes Estabrook. “The salmon farming industry has forgotten the first rule of public relations,” Staniford said. “When you’re in a hole, stop digging.”

Fishing lodges across British Columbia stepped up to the plate yesterday (30 January).  "Fishing lodges are circulating this poster, challenging other lodges to help pay Don Staniford's legal costs," wrote Alexandra Morton in her blog.  "More and more people realize if we want wild salmon it is up to us." 

Read more via 'Fishing lodges step up to help pay Don Staniford legal costs'

In Sweden, the fishing magazine Fiske Journalen is supporting the fight against Norwegian-owned salmon farming.  An article - "Laxodling dödar" - published last week (26 January) included:

In Norway too support is growing with 60,000 NOK ($10,000 donated) by a salmon fishermen's group called Reddvillaksen.  The donation was featured by Norway's state broadcaster NRK in a news story (17 January). 

Yesterday (30 January) Norwegian TV (TV2) broadcast another news story on the growing opposition to salmon farming in British Columbia.  The news report featured footage from the mass rally for wild salmon in Victoria in 2010 with the chant "No more fish farms, no more fish farms" ringing out. 

"Enough is enough," said Terry Dorward from Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  "If the Government's not going to do it then I believe the people will.  People will stand up and the people will shut these farms down.  It's that much of an important issue that people will go and fill up those jails."  


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This followed a TV2 news report on the 'Salmon Farming Kills' lawsuit (21 January) - including footage from outside the Supreme Court of British Columbia and interviews with Don Staniford and his lawyer David Sutherland - watch online here (click the orange play icon). 

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Speaking today (31 January) before he is scheduled to take the witness stand, Don Staniford said: "Wild salmon and all the other species which depend upon healthy wild salmon populations need to hear our voice.  If we want wild Pacific salmon in British Columbia then we must stand up and fight against the Norwegian-owned multinationals who are farming disease-ridden Atlantic salmon here in the Pacific.  Speak up now for wild salmon or they will go the way of the buffalo and East coast cod." 

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To fund Don Staniford's legal case please visit Go Fund Me - dontations currently stand at over $27,000 (with only $23,000 needed to reach our goal). 

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