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“Sicko Salmon”/“Farms & Disease”/“PR Disaster”/“Passionate Pleas” – in full online here!

The latest Global News Update includes media coverage from Canada, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, United States, Ireland, Norway and the Netherlands (where two people have died from eating salmonella-infected farmed salmon - with the Dutch health agency warning that the death toll could rise to 17). 

Foppen Intrafish on two dead headline

Norwegian TV reported (14 October) on nematode worms in Norwegian farmed salmon whilst Scottish TV reported (11 October) on a parasite causing 20% mortalities on Scottish salmon farms.  E24 in Norway reported (5 October) that Norwegian farmed salmon was the source of the salmonella outbreak with Marine Harvest refusing to comment.  

E24 on salmonella

Upcoming news includes a public hearing for a new salmon farm off Mull in Scotland (5 November); public consultation on a new 15,000 tonne ‘organic’ salmon farm in Ireland (consultation period closes on 12 December); a prize for ‘Controversy’ awarded to Dr. Alexandra Morton and Professor Richard Routledge at Simon Fraser University (24 October); and talks by Alexandra Morton at Dalhousie University (19 October) and the Atlantic Salmon Federation (16 October).  Follow Alexandra Morton’s trip to Nova Scotia online here


Including STV News (11 October) on the spread of infectious diseases at Scottish salmon farms:

“Creel fisherman Angus Campbell said: “The reports on Sepa indicate that there are hundreds of tonnes of fish dying in these sites.  “Last week we saw a load of 26 tonnes heading down to Uist to get buried. It’s just incredible the amount of dead fish coming out of these sites.”

STV News on AGD Oct 2012 #2


Including ABC News (4 October) on salmonella-infected Norwegian farmed salmon:

Costco ABC News Oct 2012


Please see below for more details:


“Sicko Salmon”/“Passionate Pleas”/“Farms & Disease”/“PR Disaster”


Please find enclosed a press update (web-links are embedded in the headlines and the articles are available in full online here) including:


Salmon Farms and Disease: The Importance of Both Academic Freedom and Community-Engaged Research” (Dr. Alexandra Morton and Professor Richard Routledge at Simon Fraser University, 24 October)


Alexandra Morton on ‘Farmed Salmon vs. Wild: the role of government, scientists and citizens’” (Dalhousie University, 19 October)


Alexandra Morton at ASF” (Atlantic Salmon Federation, 16 October)


Fish farms, lobster don’t mix, expert says: Coastline will be an aquaculture dump site, marine biologist warns” (The Chronicle Herald, 15 October)


Isle of Mull Sleepwalks to PR Disaster/Public Hearing re Fingal's Cage may be held at Dervaig, Isle of Mull, 5th November” (Salmon Factory, 15 October)


Two Dead After Eating Infected Farmed Salmon - Death Toll Set to Rise to 17!” (Green Around the Gills, 15 October)


Two die from infected Foppen salmon – Dutch health agency said death toll could reach 17” (Intrafish, 15 October)


Sushi fans urged to eat with care as oceans empty” (The Standard, 15 October)


Consultation begins on deep sea salmon farm” (Fish Farmer, 15 October)


Mainstream Canada takes heat over new farm – DFO approves new open net pen in Canada’s Clayoquot Sound” (Intrafish, 15 October)


How to better use wild fish near fish farms” (FIS, 15 October)


Tuna grow faster in deep seas: research” (The Australian, 15 October)


King Salmon launch targets top end” (Fairfax NZ, 15 October)


Pontoon floats away” (Marlborough Express, 15 October)


Scientists sound the alarm and require national surveys to find out whether nematodes can be found in fish from Norwegian salmon farms” (TV2, 14 October)


No one can understand why” (Alexandra Morton, 14 October) 


“£17m loss threatens the salmon industry” (Daily Mail, 13 October)


Parasite kills hundreds of tonnes of fish across the Western Isles” (The Scotsman, 13 October)


Salmonella poisoning kills two in Netherlands” (Mareeg, 13 October)


Over 500 Salmonella Cases Tied to Smoked Salmon in Netherlands” (Food Safety News, 13 October)


Dutch public health watchdog says at least 1 elderly patient has died in salmonella outbreak” (Associated Press/Montreal Gazette, 13 October)


Nova Scotia Day 1” (Alexandra Morton, 13 October) 


Rafe Mair's Landmark Free Speech Case Credited in Salmon Activist Staniford's Victory” (Common Sense Canadian, 12 October)


Lessons from a fish farm defamation lawsuit” (West Coast Environmental Law, 12 October)


DFO approves new open net-pen salmon farm in Clayoquot Sound despite ongoing concerns about disease and pathogens” (Farmed & Dangerous, 12 October)


Clark government approves new fish farm in Clayoquot Sound” (Friends of Clayoquot Sound/Living Oceans, 12 October)


Salmon” (FAO Globefish, October)


Salmon ruling may be delayed” (Marlborough Express, 12 October)


Port Gore salmon farm plan canned” (Marlborough Express, 12 October)


King Salmon 'bought opponents' property'” (Marlborough Express, 12 October)


Vast numbers of salmon dying from major disease outbreak” (Hebrides News, 12 October)


Fishermen in Western Isles losing up to 20% of stock as disease spreads” (STV News, 11 October)


Jefferson County commissioners hear from experts on salmon net pens” (Port Townsend Leader, 11 October)


Open ocean or on land for salmon farms” (Marlborough Express, 11 October)


Salmon oil claim disputed” (Marlborough Express, 11 October)


Inquiry ‘may be charade’” (Marlborough Express, 11 October)


Fast-track plan may trample democracy” (Marlborough Express, 11 October)


11 firms fined for failing to act on infected salmon” (Dutch News, 11 October)


Salmon farming industry is a waste of resources” (The Daily News, 10 October)


Scales of injustice” (The Mercury, 10 October)


Judge appreciates young ideas” (Marlborough Express, 10 October)


Locals know area better” (Marlborough Express, 10 October)


Fish farms expected to hit property values” (Marlborough Express, 10 October)


Fears of light pollution from farms” (Marlborough Express, 10 October)


Anglers' objection to salmon status bid” (Belfast Telegraph, 10 October)


Sea lice from farmed fish goes out over the wild salmon stocks” (NRK, 9 October)


Western Isles salmon farm in wrasse ‘first’” (BBC News, 9 October)


Nova Scotia Atlantic salmon feedlots, sea lice?  Maybe” (You Tube, 9 October)


Fish disease experts discuss aquaculture” (Peninsula Daily News, 9 October)


Marine Harvest preliminary Q3 core earnings drop 86 pct” (Reuters, 9 October)


Residents raise opposition to NZKS plan” (Marlborough Express, 9 October)


Farms will ‘scar’ sounds” (Marlborough Express, 9 October)


Salmon farm moved again” (Marlborough Express, 9 October)


Fish farms to expand in West” (The Mercury, 9 October)


Final hurdle for fish farm expansion” (ABC News, 9 October)


Green light for salmon farming expansion” (ABC News, 8 October)


Residents show their concerns” (Marlborough Express, 8 October)


Balance of nature in Sounds 'at risk'” (Marlborough Express, 8 October)


Zealot – not really” (reLAKSation, 7 October)


Sockeye success key to our spiritual health” (The Vancouver Sun, 6 October)


Roundworms found in Norwegian farmed salmon for first time: see what the researchers found in farmed salmon” (TV2, 5 October) 


Greek factory blamed for salmonella in ‘Norwegian Salmon’” (E24, 5 October)


Salmon in giant tanks can threaten the Norwegian export” (Aftenposten, 5 October)


Cermaq takes $9 million hit on disease outbreaks in Q3” (Intrafish, 5 October)


Activists call for Fisheries Bill to help wild waters” (The Scotsman, 5 October)


Could Foppen’s flop cost it the Coscto contract?” (Intrafish, 5 October)


Do You Want to Eat Genetically Engineered Salmon?” (EcoWatch, 5 October)


BAP certifies its first two salmon farms in Australasia” (FIS, 5 October)


‘We will defend our rights’” (Marlborough Express, 5 October)


Funding Advances Important Reporting Work by BC's Salmon Farmers” (The Fish Site, 5 October)


Wise words from Carl Sagan” (Salmon Farm Science, 5 October)


Salmon farm activist acquitted of defamation” (The Daily News, 4 October)


Mainstream defamation suit dismissed by BC Supreme Court” (The Westerly News, 4 October)


Norsk laks får skylden for salmonellautbrudd” (Aftenposten, 4 October)


Laks får skylden for hundrevis av salmonellatilfeller” (NTB/Nettavisen, 4 October)


Video: Costco salmon made me sick” (Intrafish, 4 October)


Sicko Salmon - ABC News on "Horrible" Norwegian Farmed Salmon” (Salmon Farming Kills, 4 October)


Costco Recalls Smoked Salmon Sold to Quarter of a Million Customers” (Food Safety News, 4 October)


Costco pulls salmonella-tainted salmon from shelves” (FIS, 4 October)


Hundreds sickened by Costco smoked salmon” (KVUE/ABC News, 4 October)


Passionate pleas at fish farm hearing” (Marlborough Express, 4 October)


Iwi slates poor cultural approach at hearing” (Marlborough Express, 4 October)


Scotland’s fish farming faces stricter controls” (BBC News, 4 October)


Law ‘can reform fisheries industry’” (IC Scotland, 4 October)


Austin woman says Costco smoked salmon made her sick” (ABC News, 3 October)


FDC, CDC advise consumers not to eat Foppen smoked salmon” (Intrafish, 3 October)


Call for appeals board transparency” (The Fish Site, 3 October)


First salmon farm commits to ASC” (Seafood Source, 3 October)


Salmon activist wins defamation case” (Fish & Fly, 3 October)


Commissioners told to include net-pens in Shoreline Management Plan update” (Port Townsend Leader, 3 October)


Green MP says salmon firm has history of mistakes” (Marlborough Express, 3 October)


Will salmon farming ever stop having a hard time?” (Seafood Source, 2 October)


Salmon Activist Don Staniford Wins Big Victory in Defamation Case Over Norwegian Aquaculture Giant” (Common Sense Canadian, 30 September)



From Brian Plaisier in the Marlborough Express (8 October) in New Zealand:


“We have a duty to our children to protect our environment. We need to recognise that we've reached a tipping point in our Sounds.  We need to ask ourselves the hard questions: do we put economy before environment, and how do we justify that to our mokopuna?"


From NRK News (9 October) in Norway:


“Leader of the scientific advice for salmon management, Torbjørn Forseth, says sea lice situation in Norway is very serious.  Lice has long been a problem for farmed fish in Norway. Increasingly, however, has lice spread to wild salmon.....Forseth says that sea lice in wild salmon is a clearly the biggest problem in the area with much farming.  - One must really keep the pressure up, for there is a connection between how much it is lice in farmed fish and the quantity of lice that come in wild fish.”


From the Port Townsend Leader (11 October) in Washington state in the US:


“Jefferson County commissioners have begun discussing what happens when native fish become infected with lethal viruses and parasites as a result of net pens, even though no pens are currently planned for the county...... John Kerwin, with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), said a virus known as infectious salmon anemia (ISA) was detected in Canadian waters in October 2011. He said Washington state labs have samples, but haven’t fine-tuned the testing process.”


From Alexandra Morton reporting (13 October) from her visit to Nova Scotia:


“We passed dozens of signs “STOP FISH FARMS,” “OPEN NET SALMON FARMS ARE NOT WELCOME!” Clearly there is a battle going on here...... The signs made it clear this community is not willing to give their way of life easily. They are standing ground.”

Alexandra Morton in Nova Scotia


Watch Norwegian TV (14 October) on nematode worms in Norwegian farmed salmon – online here

TV2 on nematode worms #3


From The Marlborough Express (11 October) in New Zealand:


“King Salmon aquaculture general manager Mark Preece had said land-based farming was feasible but operating costs were double those of the company's sea farms.  However, a Canadian study found it would cost $12 to $14 million to build a farm capable of growing 1000 tonnes of fish, he said.  This was similar to the cost of the hearing and would eliminate community concerns.”


From The Mercury (10 October) in Australia:


“Frances Bender and David Whyte are salmon farmers but sometimes, particularly on a long-distance flight, they might not want to admit to it.  David says he can almost see a person pressing the buzzer for the flight attendant and asking to be moved when he tells them his job.  If he is tired he might claim to be a public servant working in statistics.  Frances, who with her husband Peter owns Huon Aquaculture, says sometimes she also is too tired to "fight the good fight".


From The Mercury (9 October) reporting on the trebling of production in Tasmania:


“The decision by the Federal Environment Minister requires that baseline environmental survey and ongoing water quality monitoring is undertaken on all lease areas and compliance sites prior to commencement of operations," Greens MP Tim Morris said.  "Without baseline data and effective monitoring in place, any expansion of salmon farming within Macquarie Harbour could have the potential to backfire terribly and undermine the long term viability of the industry."


From the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform (12 October) in British Columbia:


“Replacing a poorly producing site with a site able to greatly expand production of Atlantic salmon in open net-pens along the Bedwell Sound and Fortune Channel corridor is a recipe for disaster for wild salmon.”


From The Marlborough Express (10 October): 


“Mrs Gerard said rough weather in Gore Bay risked predator exclusion nets at the proposed Papatua farm being damaged, then entangling dolphins. King Salmon reports had mentioned a policy of no guns except in extreme circumstances, Mrs Gerard said.  "We don't believe they should have the right to shoot anything in a marine environment," she said.”


From The Marlborough Express (9 October):


“Some Marlborough Sounds residents accused King Salmon of operating with a "slash and burn" mentality and failing to acknowledge the danger further farms would pose to boat traffic at a hearing on Friday.....East Bay Conservation Society president Mark Denize opposed King Salmon's application, on behalf of the society, saying the farms would pollute the environment and there was a lack of monitoring on existing sites.  "It is now abundantly clear that the entire enterprise is being run under a slash and burn modus operandi”. 


From the Peninsula Daily News (9 October) in Washington state in the United States:


“Midway into a workshop about fish diseases with regard to net pen aquaculture, one of the panelists put the discussion into a certain perspective.  “I can't imagine any rational company would install a fish-farming site anywhere in Jefferson County,” said Mike Rust, science coordinator for the Office of Aquaculture in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries, on Monday afternoon.  He later said the comment was a joke, though some attending the meeting took it seriously.”


From artist Robert Bateman in The Vancouver Sun (10 October) in response to the question ‘What’s wrong with farmed salmon?’:


“We’re catching fish down in South America like anchovies and all kinds of things like that and processing it to feed to other fish. It’s a mug’s game. You actually lose in the food chain. We shouldn’t be doing that. If we have to farm fish, it should be tilapia farmed on land — it should have a vegetarian diet. It’s just a bad idea.”


From The Washington Post (10 October) on Norwegian farmed salmon:


“Norwegian ocean-farmed salmon is richer in omega-3s than wild salmon (although there is a growing body of evidence pointing to the negatives of the fish).”


From Laurie Watt writing in The Daily News (10 October):


“In my opinion the entire salmon feedlot industry is a waste of addition to being breeding grounds for sea lice and disease and should be completely banned. I believe the feedlot industry in B.C. is allowed to exist because both the federal and provincial governments want to kill all the wild salmon and the indigenous cultures they support, for the ultimate goal of drilling for oil off our once-pristine coast”


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