“Get Out of Hardangerfjord” say Green Warriors of Norway

The Green Warriors of Norway today (4 May) launched a new campaign against the Norwegian salmon farming industry.  Banners and billboards (in Norwegian and English) were posted around the Hardangerfjord region urging salmon farms to ‘Get Out’.  

Local farmers, fishermen and community members – including the Hardangerfjord Motor Cycle Club are supporting the campaign by allowing banners to be placed on buildings across Hordaland in Western Norway. 

Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, Norway’s Minister of Fisheries, is speaking later today at the Hardangerfjord Seminar in Øystese. 

The Green Warriors visited Øystese earlier this week and were greeted by a brass band marching through the streets.

Norway’s Minister of Fisheries (a salmon farm owner herself who broke an agreement on the use of toxic chemicals and was involved in an escape scandal last year) will surely not receive such a warm welcome. 

Photo: Lisbeth Berg-Hansen (Norway's Minister of Fisheries)
“It is time to stop talking and start acting,” urged Kurt Oddekalv, leader of the Green Warriors of Norway.  “Yet another talking shop does nothing to protect wild salmon from the spread of infectious diseases and sea lice from salmon farms.  The solution is simple: get the salmon farms out of Hardangerfjord!”

“Until Norway removes salmon farms from the fjords, consumers should boycott Norwegian farmed salmon,” said Don Staniford of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA) who is now working in Norway with the Green Warriors.  “Norwegian farmed salmon leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.  No wonder that Russia has once again banned imports of Norwegian farmed salmon due to ‘health risks’.”

The Green Warriors worked through the night to spread the message.

“The Green Warriors will not rest until salmon farms get out of the Norwegian fjords,” said Ruben Oddekalv of the Green Warriors of Norway.  “People need to take a stand against the Norwegian salmon farming industry and fight for wild salmon.  Time is running out but it’s never too late.”

Leading the fight against Norwegian salmon farming is the Green Warriors’ flagship boat - the ‘Eco-Queen’.  The Eco-Queen - a 100ft catamaran - has taken video footage under salmon farms and will be investigating salmon farms along Norway’s coast this coming year. 

Read a 'Report on the Environmental Impact of Farming of North Atlantic Salmon in Norway' by the Green Warriors of Norway - online here

For more background please read ‘Norway’s Salmon Shame' and 'Norwegian Disease Strikes at the Heart of British Columbia'