Curb China's Insatiable Appetite for 'Scottish' Farmed Salmon!

The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA) echoed  Save Our Seals Fund's call for a ban on exports of farmed salmon to China.   Read more via today's Press & Journal: "Call for ban on salmon to China"


Scientist: Salmon Farming Sea Lice Kill Wild Fish!

New Scientific Paper: Salmon Farming Chemical Kills Lobsters!!

Don Staniford and the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA) are banned by the Canadian courts from stating "Salmon Farming Kills Lobsters", "Salmon Farming is Toxic and Poison" and "Salmon Farming Killing With Chemicals" (in addition to another 49 statements).  

Mainstream Media Update

3 pack lies blowing smoke

Censored: You Tube

Censored You Tube

Censored: The Westerly News

Censored Westerly

Sicko Salmon - ABC News on "Horrible" Norwegian Farmed Salmon

The horror show that is Norwegian salmon farming scared the living daylights out of consumers in the United States on prime time TV last night (3 October).

Norwegian Farmed Salmon: the Source of the Salmonella Outbreak?

The mainstream media have shamefully missed two important questions in reporting on news on the smoked salmon salmonella outbreak:

1) Is the contaminated salmon farmed or wild?

2) Where was the contaminated salmon farmed (e.g. Norway or Scotland)?

Justice Cohen’s Get Out of Jail Free Card?

Within the week (“on or before 30 September, 2012”), Justice Bruce Cohen will finally close the door on Canada’s $25 million judicial inquiry into the decline of wild salmon after almost three years of public meetings, evidential hearings and heated discussion.